These more compact entry level Earthlight sculptures Come in various diameters and sizes (200 and 300 mm) they are a piece of original sculpture in this desirable “Earthlight” range. A unique signed piece from Paul Burton Sculpture. This Phantasos Earthlight is slate and bespoke lead crystal glass set in a steel frame mounted on riven stone. Each comes with a unique personalised narrative. These smaller competitively priced pieces can sit nicely on window sills,  garden walls or plinths .. and contain a mix of coloured lead crystal and slate. The steel frames are galvanised and acid etched or If you like the oxadised look of Corten steel then these smaller more affordable  “Earthlight”  Phantasos may be just the thing ..


Phantasos ('Fantasy') is one of the thousand sons of Somnus (Sleep). He appeared in dreams in the form of inanimate objects, putting on "deceptive shapes of earth, rocks, water, trees, all lifeless things".

Phantasos was the brother of morpheus and Phobetor who are far more down-to-earth, Phantasos specializes in symbolic dreams of a deeply meaningful nature. Dreams prompted by him are rich in imagery, and may yield important hints of past, present or future. But you’ll have to go elsewhere to find out what it all means because Phantasos isn’t telling.



Kaleidoscope of Joy

H - 37cm

W - 37CM

Emerald Levels 25 x 28.jpg

Emerald Levels

H - 28cm

W - 25CM



H - 39cm

W - 23CM

Natures Bullion

H - 40cm

W - 36CM


H - 50cm

W - 29CM


H - 33cm

W - 27CM

Cobalt moons

H - 43cm

W - 30CM


H - 30cm

W - 27CM

clear and green

H - 29cm

W - 23CM