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Sculptures from the earth for garden and home

Paul Burton had a long and successful global career in the mining supply industry where he experienced so many locations, people and cultures. Following his retirement in 2017 Paul has returned and now concentrating full time on his first love of contemporary art, in particular sculpture. His return to art is influenced by his extensive experiences living and working around the world in the mineral extraction industries, in so many diverse places ranging from the Gobi Desert to the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle.


His unique steel, slate and glass creations are inspired by the earth’s resources and look to incorporate his unique “Earthlight” sculpture creations back into the landscape. Paul’s home and garden in rural Worcestershire is his showcase setting for his work. The Kenswick Manor west wing Garden, designed and constructed by multi Chelsea Gold medal garden designer Peter Dowle, provides an excellent backdrop to Paul’s individual work and is a great place to visit to meet Paul and view his work.

I’ve been blessed in my career in the global mining industry .. and it’s been impossible for my art certainly not to be influenced by my industry (mining), this has provided my families livelihood for decades.  My work has also been influenced by people, places and cultures I have been lucky enough to experience during my working life.. Not only have I experienced some of the world's finest art first hand but also met some wonderful inspiring people along the way. Travel has long been a favourite pastime for me, offering inspiration on different fronts. Seeing new cities and meeting new people opened up a whole new artistic world. These influences ranged for me from representational physical characteristics to abstract thoughts and emotions.


I like to think my art is like speaking several languages, switching from one to another to suit my thoughts... and eventually the piece I produce. If travel did anything for me , it showed there were more artistic styles to investigate, more emotions to ponder, more colour combinations to test, and more patterns to discover.  I’m still on my journey ❤️

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