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This Earthlight commission will be a unique, thrilling and collaborative experience for both myself, and you as an investor in this art.  It is a common misconception that a commission like this will always cost the earth, and people are often too afraid to ask due to the assumption that they’ll never be able to afford it, but am happy to work to your budget and guide you through the process. 


I believe my first responsibility is to you as a client. Meeting your needs, everything I do will be of high quality with the aim of complete client satisfaction. I want a clients interaction with Paul Burton Sculptures to be a pleasurable one. If you are thinking of commissioning and investing in a Paul Burton piece, I would encourage you to see, touch and play with my art in all its three-dimensional glory. You can visit us at:


4 Kenswick Manor

West Wing Garden




Insert Description of project. 

From concept to the finalised piece.

From concept to the finalised piece.