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Fall Into Autumn

After a long and successful global career in the mining supply industry, I have returned to my first love of contemporary sculpture. My return to art is influenced by my extensive experiences living and working around the world in the mineral extraction industries, in diverse places ranging from the Gobi Desert to the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle. These unique steel, slate and glass creations are inspired by the earth’s resources, and look to incorporate my “Earthlight” sculptures back into the landscape. This “Earthlight” sculpture, made for sale at “Leaf Creative” in its wonderful location of Huntley.

This abstract leaf is called “Fall into Autumn” and it is a variant of my one of my main signature pieces. In this time of Environmental observation and extreme weather events and as we monitor the impacts of climate change. We contemplate our environment and the influence we have on it, this piece, which is entirely made from the planet’s resources, provides a narrative to connect to the beauty and uniqueness of our planet.

£2,200 (Can be supplied with a green oak plinth for £190)

Tel: 07342 037797

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